BBQ Catering Services – Tips on Hiring the Best Service

It all starts with some research, and the right set of questions. To begin your research, you can ask friends, colleagues or family for suggestions. Get at least the names of 3 caterers. Comparing quotes is easy if you compare the prices of three caterers.

Phone each one of the caterers listed. How they talk to you is important. The caterer should be easy to work with. Be sure to ask all of the relevant questions prior to choosing a catering service, read more?

Consider these questions when hiring a BBQ catering service:

How big is your event going to be?

Make a decision about the number of guests that you will have at your party. You may choose to only invite certain guests or open it up to friends and family. You should consider how many guests you expect to attend before choosing a catering service.

Since when have you been involved in BBQ catering services?

Each event has its own unique characteristics. The BBQ caterer you hire should have the necessary experience to satisfy your guests’ appetites. Your potential caterer should be able to tell you how long the company has been around.

Although the years in business of a BBQ catered may not necessarily indicate their level of quality services, they can help you get an idea who to deal with and what kind of service you might expect. A good BBQ caterer will also provide you with the contact information of past clients so that they can be contacted.

The maximum number of people you’ve catered for before is

Inquire about their maximum guest count. The caterer should not be told the exact number of guests that you are expecting at your function. The caterers’ answers will give you a good idea of their level of expertise regardless of previous claims.

Many caterers give inflated figures. Just ask how they handled such a huge audience.

Get samples of your work or even photos to show off

If you’re hiring any caterer for BBQ, make sure to ask them to show samples or presentation photos of past work. Request samples or pictures of the past work from any BBQ caterer before you make a decision. By looking at past work or photos of previous events, you can get a good idea about the level of service that you should expect.