Learn How to Install a Wooden Fence

Speak to your neighbors about the fence you plan to build. You will avoid conflicts and your neighbours could also be aware of any hidden objects that may lie beneath the property. When digging the holes, you should be aware of cables or pipe that may lie beneath. Check with the council after talking to your neighbour to be sure that there are no regulations hidden.

The next step is to check that the installation of the Travis Fencing has been approved.

It is important to calculate how many fence posts and panels are needed in the desired area. You must also take into consideration both the post dimensions and the length of each fence. When the panel measurements don’t add up, you will have to make one of them smaller. The same thing happens in many gardens, so make sure to cut the panel at the corner. In the event that you must cut the section in order to fit it into the boundaries of your garden, make sure to check the fencing style before you begin. Some styles of fences cannot be cut. Others can be only cut partially.

As you plan the placement of posts, ensure the corner post is installed before any other posts. If you want to eliminate the possibility of uneven and misaligned construction, tie a piece of string between this cornerpost and the next one.