Dreamglade Welcomes to The World of Relaxation – Ayahuasca Retreats In Peru

Dreamglade offers you an array of Ayahuasca services, and a reason to come here for your holidays. In the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest this world-class location with its lake-side Shamanic center is an excellent place to rest and renew your mind and spirit. This world-class place is just an hour drive away from Iquitos. For more info you can see his explanation in this website.

They are known to offer safe and supportive Ayahuasca ceremony, flower baths, and plant diets. Whether you plan to visit for one week or stay on for many months, there is always something new to discover and rejuvenate you. Some of the services and facilities that are available include:

Transportation to/from healing centers is free and comfortable in 4×4 vehicles

Ayahuasca ceremonies are held 3 times a day, with no maximum number of guests.

The ‘Curanderas’ of your locality or a traditional Shamanic healing practitioner may suggest one or several traditional plant “dietas.”

One-on-one sessions and plant/flower treatments with a resident curandera

Steam baths prepared with individual medicinal plants for guests that are not able to open up.

You will enjoy a relaxing stay at the lake, complete with comfortable accommodation and modern bathroom and showers.

Lake for swimming, free laundry and English/Spanish interpretations

We offer jungle tours and counselling to assist you in understanding the journey you are on.

More is available to ensure that your vacations are full of excitement and joy. Choose the most suitable plan, check out the travel plans and begin booking flights to arrive here. A number of Ayahuasca resorts can be found in Peru. They will surely keep you entertained and spellbound for the rest of your life. Book the perfect retreat to enhance your health, spirituality and enjoyment of your vacation.

Due to the increase of demand, many renowned travel agents have developed a wide range of information on such tourist spots to enhance your experience and make you feel captivated. It is up to you to pick the agency that suits your requirements and then leave the rest in the hands of experts. The agencies’ main goal is to ensure that you are satisfied.