Motives behind plastic surgery can be deeply personal

Plastic surgery is often criticized for catering to people‚Äôs vanity. This criticism, however, is unjust. It is natural to want to improve yourself. Most people seek plastic surgery and dermatology because they’re unhappy with some aspect of themselves. It is because they are unhappy with their appearance that they look for a solution. Some plastic surgeries can even boost self-confidence.

Maybe you’d like to minimize the effects of old age, reduce the size of your breasts, or repair sagging caused by pregnancy. Plastic surgery to alter physical features is similar to getting braces for straighter teeth. If you want straighter, whiter teeth, no one will call you vain. Although cosmetic surgery tends to be more extreme than teeth straightening. This is why it is important that you carefully evaluate your desire for plastic surgery. The decision to undergo plastic surgery is not one that should be made lightly.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons carried out a study in 2005 on the demographics and motivations of people who had plastic surgery. It may surprise you to know that this study showed that cosmetic surgery was not only for people with higher incomes. Members from diverse socioeconomic groups are interested in plastic surgery and some even have it performed.

ASPS research shows that plastic surgery is sought by a range of ages, starting at 18 years old. Younger surgery candidates tend to seek cosmetic improvements, such as a nose-lift or breast augmentation, as opposed older patients who are also considering the effects on aging.

A selection of participants to the ASPS Study were interviewed in depth. It was revealed that people interested in cosmetic surgery had a particular physical defect they felt deeply about. Plastic surgery was desired because it promised emotional, psychological or social improvement.

I am a California-based plastic surgeon who helps potential patients understand and examine their motivations. Healthy patients will seek to change their bodies to improve a trait they find personally unattractive. Your self-perception is what will determine your confidence. The world might not judge you harshly, but only you can be the one to make that judgment.