Essential Architectural Services

The services of a qualified, skilled architect include assisting with loft renovations, new builds, and extensions. An architect can help you determine what types of projects are feasible and practical for your needs. You can see architectural design services on our website.

Uncertainty about whether you need planning approval to make changes or add to a building is something an architect can help with. Most of the time, an architect can help guide you from the initial stages through to construction.

These are the services that most commonly offer architectural design:

The architect will help with the preliminary design. When working on either commercial or residential property, an architect will be able to provide advice on any significant changes or additions to the home, and can also plan out a completely new construction project. When working on a project that is large, like a brand new house, an architect would consult the client and produce detailed drawings.

If the drawings are accepted by the customer, then the architect submits them along with the relevant papers and documents to the planning authority to receive the consent needed to commence construction. A talented architect will often be able produce detailed construction plans that go far beyond the requirements of typical building regulations.

An architect can help you obtain the planning permission that is required. Planning applications can be complex, so an architect that is willing and capable of taking on such work will help. They will make all necessary inquiries, complete all application forms, as well as prepare the design drawings.

When using an architect’s services, you will be advised of the necessary steps to take to ensure that the construction regulations are met. Building regulations govern the building of any new property, or an extension. These include things like the materials that are used, their structural integrity, and how they’re installed.