Online Affiliate Marketing

Online Affiliate Marketing is an agreement between website owners and merchants to share revenue. A website owner may place ads on his site to sell the merchandise of a merchant or drive potential customers to their website in exchange for an agreed-upon share of profit. You can see Zach Crawford reviews on our website.

Affiliate Marketing Program
The term affiliate program can also refer to a performance-based program (also known as associate marketing), or a merchant program. The affiliate program serves as both a promotional tool and revenue generator for the online business who operates it.

You can make money in three different ways through affiliate marketing.
1) Cost per click affiliate programs. Every time that a visitor leaves an affiliate website and “clicks” on a link leading to a merchant’s site, money is deducted from the affiliate account. This can vary from pennies up to dollars, depending upon the product or commission.
2) Pay Per Lead (or Cost-Per-Lead) affiliate programs. In this program, the merchant pays a fixed fee to each affiliate who receives clicks and performs an action on their site. For example, they may complete a web survey, register at the site, opt-in for e-mail, etc.
A percentage or commission will be deposited in the account of an affiliate for every sale that is made after advertising is placed on their website.

Amazon Story
Its affiliate program, called their Associate Program, is the one that has been most successful. Amazon boasts over 1 million active affiliates. Every second, over 1 million websites promote their products. Amazon makes over 40% its revenues through its Affiliates Program. It’s over $3 billion in annual revenue! Zeald’s affiliate program generates over half of their revenue (again, somewhat modest by comparison). Although not in the billions of dollar range, this is still a significant amount of money.